Palm Springs Style..


I am so ready to go on our trip. After being stuck indoors for days and days with one sickness after another making its way through our home, I can not wait to walk outdoors in the sun! Praying we all are well by the time we leave on Thursday.

Now that packing must become an actual reality rather than just a checklist in my head, I thought I would gather some inspiration. Only problem is that I am now dying for this outfit. Good news.. I hear shopping is pretty good where we will be. I wonder if there is a Kate Spade outlet? I NEED these sandals!

palm springs


** I just googled it, and there IS a Kate Spade outlet. Oh, husband, guess where we're going!! **


  1. That's a pretty outfit, those sandals are so cute. Blessings for your trip, and (((hugs))).

  2. the outfit is great. i have never been to palm springs and its only a few hours from where i live.
    Have a wonderful trip.

  3. love the sandals! so pretty!! have fun and enjoy the sunshine!



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