Well, friends.. I officially feel like a photographer. Why? I will tell you. This morning I am laying in bed. The kids are still sleeping. Almost 8:00 and still sleeping. This is rare. Anyways, my internal clock must have become aware that is beyond my normal wake up time as I begin to stir. My brain begins to conjure up thoughts about this and that as I fight to find sleep again. All of a sudden I am gripped with fear. I kick my blankets off and sit up. In my groggy state my brain for some reason is telling me that I completely forgot to edit a families pictures to give to them. I try and get a hold of my thoughts and piece together wether I am dreaming or really living this nightmare. As I am thinking (I really had to think hard) about where I am at it my job list I realize that I have not forgotten about them. They are just next on my list to begin. I feel like it was some sort of initiation into the world of photography. I also think I need to make an extra list to keep on my bedside table. Just in case...


Here's a shot from the session I just finished editing.. These guys were SO much fun.


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! I spent time shopping for a new camera. Woohoo. Today I am going to check out some Nikon cameras. I'm a Canon girl, but we will see where I stand at the end of the day!


  1. I fear that somehow when I give them the image discs they didn't burn correctly and there will be no images on their disc :)



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