I jumped ship..



Well, I jumped ship.. I switched from Canon to Nikon! I am still feeling a little twinge of guilt which is silly because they are both really well made cameras, so it just comes down to personal preference. Since upgrading to a full-frame camera made all of the Canon lenses I own useless to me either way I had to freedom to make the switch.

The Mark II was out of the running very shortly after I seriously starting researching what would be the best upgrade for me. The 4 year old technology just did not seem worth it. So the decision was between the soon to be released Canon 6D and the Nikon D600. I read up and researched all I could. The only thing I couldn't do was physically test the Canon 6D since it won't be released until December. So why the Nikon?.. Well, I felt that I would get a decent entry level full-frame camera going either way, but here are my reasons for the switch..
- Better focus
- Faster continuous shooting
- Higher resolution
- More storage slots
- Nikon's warranty's are significantly longer than Canon's

The switch hasn't been seamless though! While I've only had my new camera for 24 hours there's been a few moments where I've felt like I might lose my mind! I give Canon credit for being so user friendly. I am so glad I learned how to use a DSLR with Canon. I could not imagine learning on a Nikon. They are definitely not as simple to navigate. After spending a while trying to figure out a few key things, I once again feel like I've made the right decision. Phew.. I have 7 days to return it if I do change my mind, but I really don't think I will. Go team Nikon ;)


  1. Wow, Look at you with your fancy full frame! Well done. Good research too. I didn't do any when I got my 5D Mark II and it has the worst focusing of all time. SERIOUSLY so bad. The worst out of all my cameras. But good in other ways. Really they are all great cameras at this point, so I think you made a great decision. Enjoy. Oh and I tried to use a friends Nikon once and was going crazy. I had no clue where anything was.

  2. that picture looks great! i love the focus on it. i've been trying to do research into buying a more professional camera myself. good for you!

  3. Good for you! Just curious as a photographer and I am getting ready to upgrade and curious if you are having the dust/oil problem on the sensor?

    1. I haven't noticed any problems and am hoping I don't! Other than worrying about that I am really liking the camera :)



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