Dear Hot Chocolate..


Dear Friday.
I am so glad you are here. I am looking forward to the weekend! Birthday parties, family time, and hot chocolate. Lots of hot chocolate.
Dear Snow.
You can stop any time now. 31cm in 24 hours this week and your still coming down (seriously, it is insane). I would like to be able to drive on roads again not skating rinks. You are pretty though, I'll give you that.
Dear Christmas Presents.
You will be bought early this year. We already got a good head start on you last night! It kinda makes me giddy, not gonna lie. P.S I would like the Mark II for Christmas if anyone cares..
on that note,
Dear Husband.
You are a good driver. There, I said it. (and I didn't say it only so you will buy me the Mark II, maybe)
Dear Edmontonians.
Check this out and book soon if you're interested!




  1. that snow is beautiful! i don't get any snow ever, so i oooh, and aahh when i see pictures such as this. i'm sure though that it must be though getting snow where you can't really drive. great letters!

  2. Ohh you are a photographer too! Me to (sorta) LOL! The Mark II or a dreamy III is on my wish list too! Wouldn't that be incredible! Good job on getting started on your shopping early. I hope that I don't carry on our Quigley tradition of being that woman shopping on Christmas eve!!!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. My friend from Edmonton sent me a few pictures and the amount of snow is insane! Hot chocolate is definitely the remedy!



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