The Tooth Fairy Fiasco..


So, Sienna lost her tooth at the beginning of September. It was a big deal around here. As soon as she realized that it had become loose, every single person she encountered was told about it. She wiggled it non-stop, and she would ask numerous times a day, "is it ready to come out yet?" When it started to get really loose I  had attempted to pull it out a few times, but I would get lightheaded as woozy every time forcing me to stop. You would never guess I used to be a nurse! So, we waited for it to fall out on its own. One morning as we were all getting up I heard her yell from another room that it had fallen out! Finally, her wait was over. That night would bring her what she had been anticipating for so long.. The tooth fairy (which I have told her is me, but I am not sure she has put it all together)!! The day went by, and we all went to bed. The next morning I was awoken by Sienna running up the stairs yelling, "the tooth fairy came!" Thats when the wave of confusion and horror came over me as I realized that I had forgotten to be the toothfairy! Sienna dashed into our room holding up a dime! She was so excited for her little 10 cents so I just rejoiced with her thankful that somehow a dime had been randomly left behind for her to find so my forgetfulness was not found out! After a few minutes had past Sienna came to me and explained that she had to take her sheets off her bed to find her money and she couldn't get them back on. I told her I would come help, but what I found when I walked into her room left me speechless..

 photo 8fb9f07b-3cc1-45dd-90a2-b129410c43da.jpg
After seeing this I could not stop laughing! My little girl believed so strongly that the tooth fairy had come she would stop at nothing to find her reward! I am thankful there happened to be a dime hiding under her mattress cause I couldn't imagine her heartache if she had found nothing after all her searching. I am thankful she was content with a dime. One dime. That's one cheap tooth fairy if you ask me... While driving later that day Sienna says to me from the back, "Mom, the tooth fairy sure hides the money well." I chuckled to myself and agreed. I think I may carry on this tradition and continue to hide tooth fairy money under the mattress rather than under the pillow.. That is if I remember next time!



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