The gift of seasons..


Well, friends. I walked out my door this morning, put my kids in the van, and I walked right back into my house to put on a warmer jacket. There it goes.. That is it.. Summer that is. Another summer gone. I used to mourn that passing of seasons. Now though, as season after season pass through time and I along with them, I am discovering the gifts that they all bring and leave behind. Summer's gifts are rather extravagant! This is my favorite picture from this summer. Yes, it was taken and edited on my phone, but it is still my favorite. It is everything I love about this season called summer..

What gifts did summer leave you with?


  1. I did the same today, wore a jacket and the air had a nip in it-Autumn is here. Your photo was lovely and to be by the sea ahh so lucky. This summer has brought the gift of patience and if I can call it a gift one of challenge. I could not sit out or walk out in the sun due to sensitivity to the sun. However I think just having warmer brighter days was a gift and a blessing. Behind The Smile.



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