Dear words..


Dear words.. You seem to rush through my mind all day, but as soon as I sit to write you down you fade away. Stick around a while.
Dear Greek Pizza. You were uh-mazing.
Dear Sienna. I love how when I told you that calling someone a 'slow-poke' could hurt their feelings you said you would call them a 'fast-poke' instead. You are brilliant.
Dear Grade 1. We are getting the hang of you.
Dear Weekend. Please try not to fly by to quickly. My birthday is Monday, and I would like to feel young younger for a few more days.
Dear Coen. I'm pretty impressed. As I was browsing through pictures from our vacation I found this one that you had taken. We will have to work on not cutting people off seeing as that is a HUGE pet peeve of mine, but not bad for a 3 year old!



  1. I have the same problem with words. I need to start keeping a notebook with me. I think of all these great things but then when I sit down to write they vanish. That is a good picture for a 3 year old!
    Happy Monday birthday!

  2. Same thing here, accept its not words it's choreography in my dreams! I really should keep a pen by the bed to jot down all o my amazing ideas! Ha ha

    Cute pic Coen! Miss you guys! When are you coming to visit?



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