Sleep deprived but still alive..


"Sleep, no I never get enough. Always waking up tired. Sleep, no I never get enough. If I don't show up I might get fired."

I can relate to this old Riley Armstrong song. We are having some serious lack of sleep round these parts lately. Well, lately has been the last 3 years or so, but we've had a serious case these past 2 months. I guess I can't relate to the getting fired part although I'm sure the kids would love to fire their sleep deprived grumpy mama some days.. 

I keep telling myself it is only a season, and I know it is! And I also know it is going to FLY by! Besides, how could I stay mad at this??..

He also spills cheerios on my floor. But it's okay cause I get to wake up to this every morning..


  1. what a sweet blog and sweet family! just stumbled here-- love that you love the Lord!

    lovely blog, following you!

    Adventures of Newlyweds>

  2. I really love the blog! happy to go on the computer and see there is a new one :)

  3. Hey Brandy! Loving your photos. I like the one of Houston with the cheerios stuck to his bottom! So adorable.



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