9:30 nights and Frites...


My husband is so good about making sure we have time together. He arranges for babysitters and everything. I am so thankful because if it were up to me we would probably be hermits who never leave our house. Not that I don't love spending time with him, but I really hate asking people for help, and lining up a babysitter falls it that category. It has been a few weeks since we had been on a date so I was thankful when Jeremy called me after work telling me we were going out! I love my kids so much, but it is so nice to be able to have a conversation without being interrupted every 30 seconds or so. Do all kids do that or just mine? Maybe that is bad parenting on my part, I don't know. 

Anyways... having said all of that we had a good night. We went to Ikea. Is it lame that we enjoy just walking through? We didn't buy a thing which shows how strong our will power is getting. On our way home we stopped at a restaurant downtown called The Marc. They have the best fries I've ever had. It comes with a truffle aioli that is to die for! It is kind of a posh place, and tonight I really offended the server by ordering "fries" rather than "frites" as it is written on the menu. I feel ridiculous saying "frites". We live in Canada, can't we just call them french fries?? 


I know we are getting old because our dates usually end around 9:30/10 because I start fading around then. Ready for B-E-D.. Old much? Yep...


So, my wonderful friend Karyn started a blog. Seriously, it will be unreal. How do I know? Her facebook status' are always an adventure so I know her blog will be that times 10. She is an amazing writer. My grammer and punctuation probably make her twitch. Plus, she is an amazing cook so I know there will probably be some unreal recipes and such over there..
p.s. you won't find that here cause I am the worst cook on the planet

Go follow her here...


  1. I will go check out your friends blog-- and also, ikea dates are the best! and please, I don't even HAVE kids and I am in bed at 9:15 every night. I wish I were exaggerating.. but I am not. Not even a little bit.

  2. You have a wonderful husband! I am thrilled he get you out on dates!

    Were you helping Karyn find her blog she started and lost by putting the little yellow "here"?



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