My Backyard..


 photo DDCAB60D-9D64-4B94-86EE-1F281044EC1A.jpg  photo 29993D28-2A45-475D-A30D-E4986141651F.jpg  photo 25B163F9-B577-4930-9C65-04B71F1AFC46.jpg  photo 36A834F8-331E-4940-B21B-7DEC954F47D6.jpg  photo 727C906E-0620-4E02-AD66-6FBD7561B5CA.jpg

Oh, the wonders that take place in my backyard. It would be easy to look out and notice the lack of space, the ugly fence, the dead spots in the grass, and the deck that desperately needs paint.. Instead, I get to look out and see these lovely laughing faces with their dirty feet, messy hair, and missing clothes. It is good.

I miss giving my thoughts a space here on this little blog. It has been months since I've let my words pour out over the keys. I'm praying to find time for 'here' in my days. While there are many pictures of my kids, I want them to look back and be able to find a piece of me left here as well..


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