Goodbye Kindergarten!


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Well, I'm not sure how it has happened so quickly, but yesterday was Coen's last day of kindergarten. To be honest it wasn't the easiest year. There were tears in the mornings until the very end. There was lots of good too, however. Lots. He had the greatest teacher who was the perfect dose of sensitive to help Coen succeed this year. He was always fine once he got to school, and I know he was able to settle in everyday knowing she was there as a support for him. He made some really great friends. This boy is fiercely loyal so it was good for him to have to share his friends with others a little too. It is hard for me to send my babies to school. I really try and not let that rub off on them, but Coen gets me so well. I'm praying for more trust and grace in this season. For right now though, I'm so happy he's all mine for 2 months.. and his sister joins us after tomorrow!

P.S.. I've figured out that the only way I can get myself to blog more frequently is to settle for Iphone pictures.. importing, editing, exporting, uploading.. that's a lot of steps I can skip from my computer.. So, it may not always be picture perfect, but I'll take it!


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