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"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

 photo CAA5A8BD-CC92-4A2D-89FE-7928A2B1DBC1.jpg  photo F5D68B11-3A58-4D58-9657-9E3C0703CF5C.jpg  photo D743B078-F2C9-4D08-9A05-5557FD09594F.jpg  photo 378AEA34-4EB7-4795-B90E-A9597D459FD2.jpg
This weeks portraits are via my Iphone. I had to send my camera away again.. The last time was due to some small warranty work that needed to be done. This time, however, was due to the fact that I dropped my camera onto my cement garage floor. Broke the viewfinder right off and cracked the body. Sad. This actually happened on January 10th as I was trying to capture my 10 on 10 (I'm still trying not to resent the project). I have not been without a camera up until now though since a saint of a person had lent me his D800(just like I have) to help me cover a wedding and a few other shoots I had already booked. Anyways, I've returned his back to him and am eternally grateful for generous people, and I should be getting my camera back by next week!

Sienna: We've both recently learnt to knit. It amazes me how quickly she catches onto things.
Coen: Happy.
Houston: Winter has caused serious slack in the amount of screen time my kids get. Yes, he is eating his breakfast there on the floor so he can watch a show. Ugh..
My 3: See previous comment. lol.

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  1. even with the iPhone your photos are so good! looks like a good week

  2. oh how i love these! brilliant shots x

  3. You've made me laugh - some weeks are just made got screens. x

  4. Even with your phone camera, these are totally stunning shots. I love the angles you try out, and how whatever else is going on in the photo, there's no doubt who's the star of the shot.
    Hey.. I hear ya on the screen time slackness...sigh. ROLL on spring and outdoor time! ;)

  5. Oh my goodness, the tv-watching through the banister rails... so funny. Lovely, real life fun.



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