10 on 10 | January


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This is my first 10 on 10. 10 pictures taken on the 10th of the month.. I love my quiet mornings with Houston when the older 2 are both in school. He plays so well on his own. Sometimes I'll settle him in with a show so I can get some quiet time. There are good things to be found with technology! He asks for snacks all morning no matter how much I feed him, but it is not so bad spending so much time in the kitchen with the sun shining in so brightly. Coen comes home just before lunch and we take our time on the short walk up our driveway. The boys go straight to playing once we get inside. Houston sure misses Coen when he's gone. Sienna is always tired after her full days of school. Even though she is in grade 2, I feel like she still hasn't quite adjusted to full days yet. Coen's evening activities always include a sport of some sort. We have tried to find creative ways to keep him active even in the winter. We also received a special delivery on this evening. An American Girl doll for Sienna. She has jumped on this bandwagon with all her girlish might!

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  1. I like this, I might have to join in :)

  2. beautiful snippets of your day!

  3. These are beautiful photographs. Welcome to Ten on Ten. :)

  4. fabulous! i have been wanting to join in with this for forever and always forget!! x



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