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10 years.. Today we celebrate 10 years of marriage. That certainly ages us. As we have walked through those minutes and years I've never once doubted his ability to lead, and I am still as eager as ever to come alongside him. That may seem old fashion to some, perhaps, but because I am certain that his desire is to be obedient to the Lord I trust without hesitation. I am eager to see what unfolds before us, yet I savor the moments as we live them, knowing soon they too will be behind us as something to celebrate.

Some things to celebrate from the last 10 years:
- a wedding that was far from picture perfect. It was, however, the perfect picture of 2 young lives choosing the join together before having it all 'figured out' and completely willing to figure it out together!
- God's provision through the first 8 months of marriage when we were both students.
- While others say the first year of marriage is the most difficult, I believe it was one of our best.
- Trusting the Lord together for His direction as Jeremy finished bible college for his perfect placement. It was hard to wait on the Lord, but His faithfulness has proven true over and over again!
- The amazing opportunity to serve in the House of God alongside each other.
- a patient husband who put up with me asking for babies since the day we were married, and the day we finally agreed it was time!
- The sale of a home that paid off all student loans.
- Parents that let us live with them.. (on both sides!)
- Sienna Rae.. our fist born daughter.
- Surviving 5 moves and 3 house renovations.
- Coen Luc Jeremy.. our first born son.
- Learning to parent together. It creates a whole new dynamic for relationships.
- Making it through a season with 2 young children and me on bed rest for months. I still laugh when I remember the day they let me off strict bed rest and we went to Ikea. We barely made it a quarter of the way through and I thought I would have to be carted out!
- Houston Seth.. our 'appointed' one.
- Making time for each other in the midst of the busy-ness of life. Still loving, laughing, working together.
- A home that can house a crowd and doors that are open to doing life with others!

and best of all..
-The fact that we get to figure out the next however-many-years together!


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