"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

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Sienna: We celebrated her birthday this weekend, and it was so much fun! Her actual birthday is not until Christmas eve so I am going to enjoy my 6 year old for a little longer!
Coen: His advent homework for school. Writing and drawing does not com easy for him, but I was so proud of his sweet picture!
Houston: I looked at his feet the other day and thought "man, those are some big feet!" I don't think they are necessarily large for his age, but it is just another sign of a growing boy!

 I am going to have to finish out this project with iPhone pictures.. I had to send in my D800 for repair work, and I have to say I am a little traumatized to not have it around during the holidays. I need it for a wedding and some other shoots I have booked in the new year, however, so this really was the only time I could consider parting with it. Perhaps it will be a fun challenge to end this wonderful project with!! {trying to see the bright side}

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  1. Such lovely photos! I always look at my daughter's feet too, and wonder how and when did she get so big?! These moments are so fleeting ...

    Sorry to hear about your camera. I would probably have a bit of separation anxiety, haha. Thankfully you will have it back in time for the weddings and such.




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