Dear Spring..


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Dear Spring,
I am so thankful for your arrival. Although my house has been neglected because of you since we are having to much fun outside and then dragging all that dirty fun inside. Oh well.. So worth it. I will take dirty kids and a dirty house in exchange for this sun any day..
Dear Husband,
I am so grateful for all that you do for our family. I feel so bad about all the yard work that lies ahead. It will be so great though once all the grade work is fixed and we can lay all the sod. Oh, grass.. It will be glorious. (right now we have a lot of dirt patches in our yard.. hence the dirty children)
Dear Coen,
Next time you go to the bathroom pay attention okay. It is always a good idea to lift the lid before you go. That way your feet won't get wet. Oh, little boys.
Dear Houston,
When you ask to ride your little fire truck to walk Sienna to the bus you should be prepared to ride it all the way home too, okay? Today I managed to carry you, your fire truck, and Sienna's bike all the way home, but it isn't really something I'd like to have to accomplish again. While it builds up my mommy muscles, it's just not that fun. Love you to bits though.
Dear Sienna,
You seem like such a young lady lately. I know that is how growing works, but sometime this past week you've gone from little girl to young lady. I am thankful that you still like to sing silly songs, watch cartoons, and play with your dolls. You did ask me for a cell phone this week, but it was so you could text me to tell me which bike you'd like me to bring for you to ride home from the bus. I think that can wait a few years. You'll just have to tell me before you go to school, okay?
Dear Photography,
You are picking up again. Praying I can keep up. It will be an interesting balance! Like walking on a tightrope. One step at a time. I'm learning to say yes to some things even though they are challenging and stretching and no to others as I attempt to keep a balance in my home. I don't have a natural business sense so I find it difficult to stay organized. I am growing though. It is exciting to be stretched in new ways!
Dear Readers/Friends,
I'm thankful for community. For relating with people near and far. For encouraging words and response to this little place, this post. Sometimes my words feel odd, and while they resound within me I am still humbled that they can resound with others as well. Praying you all have an amazing weekend filled with all the things you love!

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  1. love these letters! beautiful Spring bloom pictures,too :)
    happy friday!

  2. I wish we were celebrating Spring instead of Autumn..although I do love Autumn I am dreading the upcoming Winter months!

  3. Ahhh spring pictures! It makes everything better... have a great weekend and Happy Mothers day!

    Kendra @ openspaces

  4. these are really lovely shots. so springy. lovely words of advice also



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