Stolen Contentment


I sat down to write earlier about how content I felt. Then a whole lot of life happened and that 'perfect-balance' eutopia swiftly dissipated into the abyss of dirty diapers and "I want to play rather than sleep" toddlers. As I return though to empty my thoughts, while I still hear little voices in the background, I will not let a hint of chaos steal my contentment. My life is full, rich beyond measure. Contentment does not require perfection, it requires perspective. While my perspective can change day to day, even minute to minute, I want to live in the place where I allow the Lord to open my eyes if ever I have them shut. Shut to the goodness surrounding me, the blessings bestowed on me, the beauty that is my life.  God is with me. I need nothing more than the assurance of His faithfulness!


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