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When we bought this house earlier this year I knew I would want to overhaul the family room. We have a 4 level split and this room is on the 3rd level. There is a nice big window, but only 1, and since it is such a big space the dark floors just made it feel small and dark. I know some people will call me crazy for painting hardwood floors white, but I am so in love with them! They turned out better than expected. And what is with all this color? I'm not sure what has happened to my fear of color, but I think it is safe to say it is long gone!

We knew we wanted a pretty substantial coffee table, so we actually found a dining table and cut it down to coffee table height (I'm terrible at remembering to take before pictures). The best part about it is when we have large groups over there is a leaf we can put in to make it even bigger! It is perfect for game nights.. if only I could get my husband to play games!

My desk is probably my favorite part of the room. I wanted to use up every inch of this little nook so we went custom. And by custom I mean cheap! The plywood cost us about $10 and my husband just cut it to fit, and the legs were also $10 each from Ikea (here). For $30 I could not be happier with the results! I do plan on sealing the wood at some point since I have got a sliver or two! lol..

While I've still got a few shelves to fill and need to find a piece for the tv to sit on I am loving this space! My goal was to create a comfortable eclectic space that is meant to feel 'imperfect'. I think I've achieved exactly that and I look forward to the many nights spent with my family here!


  1. Wow! Brandy, those floors look amazing! Pat on the back to you and Jeremy. Great idea with the "coffee table", really like it.

    As for games nights, there is still hope. Pierre is not big on games, but he gave it a try during the holidays. He enjoyed playing Settlers of Catan, and got the hang of it before me. I love playing games, something we did growing up. I look forward to my children being able to play more grown-up games later on.

  2. Oh wow! I can't believe how much painting the floors lightened the room up! Good job - it looks fabulous :-)

  3. It's beautiful! Love all the details and your desk is so pretty! Awesome work.

  4. Love love love that you painted the floors, trying to talk my husband into this for our bedrooms! Love the simplicity and balance in the rest of the room too, well done lady!

  5. i love how airy the space is.

  6. looks great!! i especially love your desk. :)



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