Dear Naps..


Dear Naps.
You have officially been boycotted. While I have wanted to let you go for a while I have finally weaned you out of my life for good (except for Sunday afternoons of course). After reading Erika's post over at Life Unfluffed it was confirmed for me. The naps had to go. As you can see she wrote that post back it September so it has taken me a little while to give 'em the boot. It has been 2 weeks now and that 2 o'clock brick wall I'd hit every day if I didn't nap is slowly fading away. I feel much more productive, my house is cleaner, and I love how quiet it is while the boys are napping.
Dear Boys.
Thanks for being such great passengers. I know we spent a lot of time driving around this morning while I was location hunting, and I am grateful that you didn't complain once. High five for both of you..
Dear Nikon.
I am figuring you out. There are still a few little things on you that I'm not so sure about, but I think I'm ready for a weekend FULL of photo shoots. Some hands on work I'm sure will solidify my confidence with you.
Dear Husband.
Thanks for posing for me while I tested my set up. You make me laugh.. By the way.. I need to set up for my mini sessions tonight so I may require your help again lol...




  1. lol I love that your husband was so willing to help out. Those photos are priceless! =)

  2. these photos are being printed and put in my office. Love it.

  3. Ha ha ha, Jeremy! You make a great girl!



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