2 Years


My baby turned 2 on Sunday. I find it hard to put into words how much he has changed me.

He has taught me to love stronger..
to live slower
to laugh louder
to breath deeper
to fight harder

Not just for him.. For my family as a whole. I would not be the mom that I have become without him. While I often say he has challenged me more as a person and a mother than my other 2, I am so grateful that he has! I want my mothering heart to be stretched to it's limits. I want it to be tested and tried. It is in those places that I can grow. In those places the unimportant is weeded out of me, and in those places the things that are truly to be cherished are magnified..

I am so grateful he is mine..


I'm back!


  1. Awww! He is adorable... He looks just like his Daddy - and his sister! So sweet :)



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