That is what I need to be.. If my presence here is a bit sporadic please bear with me. I feel I need to fight for some things in my life to maintain this new-found victory, so that is where my attention will be focused for this next season, however long or short it may be.. I am excited for it.. New seasons bring new growth, new life, and I want to take hold of all that God has in store for me!

If I come across your mind, say a prayer for me, okay? I am so grateful to share my life with some pretty amazing people..

Be back soon..

Brandy Jane Mabel


  1. Rejoicing with you about your new found victory! Enjoy this new season...

  2. I will have to catch up with that other post, as you've seen, my poor doggie has been through a rough patch.

    I have a cork board with post-its for my blog friends, I will add you asap!

  3. Beautiful site, Brandy :)

    Love Abby!

  4. Have unplugged many times myself for the similar reasons. He is worth it!!

  5. Hey Brandy! Its Sarah Desjardins here, I just found your blog and its very cute! I signed up to follow! I have a blog too, if you want to check it out - www.becomingmartha.com Hope you visit soon and that all is well with you guys in Edmonton! We miss it sometimes but love our quiet little life in small town Ontario :)



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