I am not one for cheesy love stories. Sappy lines make me queasy. I always told my husband to never write me a poem because it would probably cause me to laugh in his face. Harsh? I'm not sure where my ditest for over-the-top romantic tactics came from.

My husband does not use this as an excuse to slack in the 'sweep her off her feet' duties of a husband though. He knows the perfect ways to cause me to feel love and appreciation without being oversweet. He plans dates, organizes babysitters, brings me flowers unexpectedly, lets me take long naps, cleans the house when I'm out. He does the little things which I think hold much more value than anything over the top. I really am a spoiled wife..


  1. This is so cute. Acts of service are so nice, and it sounds like your husband is a natural at that. (And those flowers are beautiful, too.)



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