Head in the Clouds..


 Seriously, I've been dreaming of living in the middle of nowhere. Every time I drive through the country I feel such peace, and I have this growing desire in me to plant myself there and never leave. I can breath a little deeper in the country. I love the quietness that surrounds me. I love the long grass and open space.
This is, however, just a dream for many reasons. I really am so happy with our new house, and I know that the appeal of country living would not last. The work to maintain a rural homestead is not suitable for our busy lifestyle, and most of all my husband, although he was raised in the country, is a city boy through and through.

A girl can still dream though, right?


  1. Come live with us...we get to be country and city all at the same time!! :)

  2. I just saw your link on www.RolledUpPretty.com and thought I would stop and say hello! pippa

  3. I feel the same way. Sometimes I want to live on a farm, but I don't know anything about farming.



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