Lovely Monday


  • The sun is shining and the skies are blue!
  • The weekend was great. I had a wonderful time at the ladies conference, and I really enjoyed being able to speak at one of the workshops! I am so thankful that God has opened this door to me!
  • Houston is still laying in bed sleeping. He needs this sleep! He was up off and on through the entire night itching and scratching. His eczema has flared up something fierce, and the poor little guy looks like he's been beat up. He is sleeping now though, so that I am glad for!
  • My husband is home for the day! He did such a wonderful job with the kids all weekend while I was away. I came home to a clean house, clean kids, and my new light fixture hung! 
  • I am going to have a nap this afternoon. Since I was up all night I know its going to be good!

What things are you thankful for this lovely Monday?

bits of splendor monday


  1. What did you share on at the workshop? I bet the womans conference was wonderful and I bet you did great.

    1. Thanks Kristy-Anne! I shared about calling! I am actually going to post parts of it here throughout the next few weeks..

  2. Hope Houston feels better soon and you all get some rest!



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