Dear Busy..


Dear Weekend. You are going to be great, I just know it. Friday evening and Saturday we have the Women's conference, which I am looking forward to doing a workshop at. Then Sunday I get to go to another photography workshop. Yes, you are going to be busy and great!
Dear Husband. I will pretty much only be around for you to sleep beside this weekend. I hope you and the kids have a great time while I am busy with other things, but don't forget to miss me just a little bit :)
Dear Kids. I will also miss you this weekend. Be sure to be kind and listen to Daddy, especially in the mornings since you know they are hard for him. 
Dear Workshop for the Women's Conference. I feel so privileged to get to share with people this weekend! I pray that whoever comes will be encouraged in some way!
Dear Readers. There is almost 100 of you hanging out here.. That is pretty cool. I love sharing life with others! Hope you all have weekends filled with things and people you love!

Brandy Jane Mabel



  1. Im excited for your workshop, and will for sure be coming :D

  2. i love your letters!
    what a great daddy to keep the kiddos. ;)
    have a wonderful time!



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