Letters and Justin Bieber?


Dear Husband. We have lots of work to do tonight. Wrapping gifts, writing cards. Lets make some hot chocolate and maybe watch a Christmas movie while we work. Sound good?
Dear Sienna. I can not believe you are turning 5 tomorrow. You are such a little lady, and you are so so special to me.
Dear Ashley.  Thanks for all of the Justin Bieber posters on our wall. Jeremy loves them ;)
Dear Readers. This is what happens when you excessively tease one of your friends about having Bieber fever {which she claims she does not}.
Dear Jesus. Thank you. There are no words to express my gratitude for your wonderful grace on my life.
Dear Readers. {you get 2 letters today} Praying you all have a wonderful Christmas.  Remember, Christ's birth has changed everything. We have received the greatest gift ever given!

Love, Brandy Jane Mabel



  1. Dear Brandy - Thanks for the blog, the laughs, the deeep thoughts and the pictures. Blessings on you guys.

  2. That is sooo funny!!!


  3. That's hilarious! I can imagine your surprise to come home and find the entire wall redecorated! Way to go Ashley!!!

  4. Great blog...as always, it is fun to read and your photos are amazing.
    Be blessed this Christmas and the coming new year! Love you guys so much!
    The Alba's

  5. Merry merry Christmas pretty lady! I am sending you and your family wintery, loving joyful thoughts as you celebrate the most precious birth in history!! :)



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