In a perfect world..


We decided not to put our Christmas tree up this year.

I have mentioned a few times this week that we had not yet found time to put out tree up. It seemed a daunting task that I just did not want to approach. Our tree is not pre-lit. Untangling the lights and trying to string them symmetrically (I'm OCD when it comes to symmetry) requires patience which I could not seem to conjure up in the ever-exhausted state which I've been functioning in lately. I did, however, long to see the enjoyment found by my kids to see it all lit up and decorated to their liking.

In a perfect world I would be the "Martha Stewart" type.  My house would be decorated top to bottom with strands of garland and glittering lights galore. My tree would be fit for magazines, expertly color coordinated. My children would be so well behaved that they would not tear off even one of the perfectly placed balls. The table would be filled with the most delicious homemade goodies, and there would be beautifully wrapped boxes filled with those goodies to hand out to all our friends and neighbors.

I do not live in a perfect world, however. Maybe one day I'll get there. Maybe I won't, and that is okay with me. Before you go thinking I am the most awful mom for not setting up our tree, we did come up with a compromise for this year that I think worked perfectly for our family. We placed the kid's small PRE-LIT trees all together in our living room. The kids still got to have a great time decorating. Houston had a great time throwing the balls around. Jeremy and I had a great time not arguing about bent limbs and uneven lights. Can you say win-win?? I guess this is our perfect!!

Love my GIANT arm!


  1. Brandy, you did it are the hippest mom out there! Why in the world would you want to be like Martha? You make everything
    look so un-Martha, uber-cool, funky, retro and hip. Martha is so last decade. Don't be her, just be totally cool you!

  2. Well said Karyn Wells!! Brandy, your kids love you for who you are so please don't change that. I love you for who you are...please stay that way. You inspire me to not be like Martha..haha..seriously!
    Love you lots

  3. Beautiful photos. I have been amazed and slightly overwhelmed at what some people do for Christmas... so good to get back to the basics of what it's all about.

  4. Brandy! That is an absolute adorable "perfect" idea, I LOVE it!!! Seriously, you are on to something here!

    There will never be perfection, the world has us on this false identity crisis mode that never turns off, it drives me crazy! Until we go HOME we will never be perfect, and besides, we have a different kind of perfect that we are called to be working on, and moving toward, and it has nothing nothing to do with pretty homes, and cooked meals or xmas trees!

    Love you girl! and Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family!

  5. I was actually wondering if I could post your post on FB? I absolutely ADORED this post! Let me know what you think!?

  6. My mom would never do sparkly blue and white and pink trees.

    I'm jealous of your kids for having such an awesome mom. (Mom I think you are completely awesome as well)




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