Long Weekends End..


Weekend View

we had a pajama party

A birthday party at Chucky Cheese
(on a very busy day. It was CRAY-ZAY)
My nephew Lincoln turned 3!

My awsome husband bought me a new lens for my Camera! Woohooo!

And...drumroll please..
7am in the morning I am laying in bed and I hear a strange  noise.. As I listen a little bit closer I figure out exactly what it is. That is a shovel scraping pavement. That can only mean one thing.. Snow! I still have a strong dislike for the cold white substance but I have to admit.. It was so fun to tell my kids to go look at the window that morning. Their excitement was precious! Sienna immediately wanted to build a snowman and Coen now loves to see his footprints in the snow before he gets into the van.

It is official. Winter is here...


  1. I love the colors of the first pictures!
    I love the crispness of the close up pics too ... with the new lens!
    I don't really care for winter ... unless the sun is shining. Then I can handle it!



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