Cheap Fixes..


I really do wish I was one of those people whose house was decked out with decorations for every holiday. I enjoy going to houses like that. I don't like over the top cheesy decorations, but I like just enough to emote the holiday feeling. I haven't done this often for a few reasons, but the biggest reason is that it can get expensive! This year, I'm getting creative..

I took this..

And made this...

I simply cut fabric into about 1" strips and wrapped it around gluing along the way!

It is still missing a little something, but I think that it is a good start!


Can I express now my love for Modge Podge. It is so useful for so many things! Did you know that it is really easy to make? Doing this can save you big $$$$..

v Learn how here v

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  1. That looks super cute! Love your creativity!

    I am guilty of just spending more than I ought to rather than trying to come up with a craetive plan :)

  2. I very much like your decor! So beautiful!



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