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The Wildflowers Workshop

"..but for me, it goes far beyond just “logistical” instruction… it’s a soul getaway. in this industry it sometimes can feel as though we walk alone, a flame trying to stay lit within a storm, but together the fires of creation burn wild and free; it can be intoxicating! something happens when women gather that stirs the soul. i think oftentimes attendees arrive dry and simply just wanting more. out of life and the art of photo taking and quietly hoping for someone to perhaps give them the permission to do that one amazing thing that they never thought they’d be brave enough to do. i yearn to peel the layers off together, uncovering the deep well that can quench that longing thirst long after we part."

These are Joy's words speaking of her Wildflowers Workshop. I knew I had to attend one day, and I am just so grateful that the opportunity came for me to go this year. It is actually difficult for me to gather all my thoughts towards the weekend. It was stretching in a beautiful way. I'm learning there is beauty in struggle, specifically the struggle to find my place. I'm not sure I really considered myself an 'artist' before the Wildflowers Workshop. I sort of stumbled into photography, and somewhere along the way I had labeled myself an accidental photographer. This weekend caused me to dig deeper into the idea that perhaps there really is an 'artist' within. It is amazing what happens when you allow false ideas to fall away. I am excited for the things to come as I discover more about this vision, my vision. Not everyone will call the same thing beautiful. I love that. My perspective is unique, as is yours. I'm appreciating that more each day. I look forward to creating and capturing beauty how I see it..

I am so thankful to Joy and her ability to be so transparent and real. There are not many who so freely share of themselves. Thank you for sharing your heart, your home, your family, and especially your story. I believe it is more powerful than even you know, and I am excited to see the fruit that it will produce as you humbly serve those God has given you. And to the beautiful souls I was blessed to share this weekend with, I cannot wait to be together again!

{These images are from our last morning together.
We got to follow Joy's sweet babies around. They are just as precious as their mama}

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Miss you all!

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