"Nine tenths of education Is encouragement"


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My two older kids had their demonstration of learning yesterday. A few times a year they get to show us projects and things they have been working on throughout the year. They are always so proud and eager to take us around and point out their artwork on the walls and play a math game they've learnt with us. I love it too. It gives me more insight into their days since I've never stopped missing them while they are at school.

While there, I overheard another mother speaking to her child. As her voice got louder I tried not to eavesdrop but it echoed in the room.. She asked her son if he was tired of always being 'the dumby' in the class. She asked him why 3 years of being 'the dumby' wasn't enough. She said that she was done trying to motivate him. Please don't get me wrong here. I am not trying to point fingers at this mother. I have had many moments in which other people could have looked at me and rated their parenting at A++ in comparison. I don't know the struggles she's been through, and my heart truly did go out to her. The words she spoke deflated me, however, and can't imagine how they made her child feel. 

Criticism is not a motivator, nor is shame.

Antole France said "nine tenths of education is encouragement." I believe this with my whole heart.  I want to encourage my kids in their strengths and encourage them even more in their struggles.. I know I can not do this on my own. I know I will need to rely on the Holy Spirit to show me when these tender hearts need an extra word of encouragement rather than a quick correction. I pray I will always remember to build them up with love.


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