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"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

 photo 1252-0348.jpg  photo 1252-0425.jpg  photo 1252-0394.jpg  photo 1252-0336.jpg
Sienna: Playing with a sweet little friend while at church. I love how she 'takes care' of little ones!
Coen: Hockey, again.
Houston: Running away from me!
My 3: I owe Sienna big time for not including her again this week. It is hard to get them all together. I love this shot of the boys though. Andrew is one of our kids favorite people in the entire world. Seriously.

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  1. The lighting is just amazing in these, absolutely beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous lighting. Always adore your photos x

  3. such lovely golden light!
    my daughter has a similar tendency for care of younger ones. it's the sweetest thing, isn't it?



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