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"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

 photo 652-7343.jpg  photo 652-7374.jpg  photo 652-7214.jpg  photo 652-7387.jpg
Sienna: Watching cooking shows in our bed after school..
Coen: Bath time. I love to see him smile.
Houston: Chuck-e-Cheese cash. It's like gold to little ones.
My 3: Swimming lessons!

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  1. Your photographs are divine! x

  2. great portraits! love that little lollipop of pink up top :) -Misty

  3. How many times can I say how utterly lovely your photos are and how I swoon every time I see them? Because I'm saying it again :) Your kiddos are adorable, and your talent for capturing them is ridiculously awesome. xo

    1. Oh, I love you! But really, your pictures in you post today... I almost died. so ahhh-mazing!!!

  4. Your photos are fantastic. I really enjoyed scrolling through all the ones in the 52 project series. They're beautifully edited.



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