"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014"

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I have decided to continue on with Project 52. I love looking back through last years' portraits already, and I can only imagine that as time continues forward the looking back will become even more treasured. I am going to be more relaxed with my portraits this year, however. While I did my best last year to keep most weeks candid, my goal is to capture even more of our everyday-real moments. Pretty or not.

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  1. Oh dear, that second photo makes me so sad! Lovely to see the gentle hand providing a loving touch x

  2. I have always loved seeing you little families beautiful faces. I think that it is a great idea to keep capturing all of the everyday moments :)

  3. Beautiful photos of your beautiful children.

    Did you know that up the top you have written 2013 not 2014? I think I do that for at least up until March!

    Glad you are continuing to do the 52 project, Love your photos.



    1. Lol.. I am a terrible proof reader! Thanks for pointing that out! I would never have noticed otherwise!!

      Brandy Jane Mabel

  4. I'm back for 2014 too. It has been too fine being able to look back on a year's worth of organised shots! x

  5. beautiful images! i think the everyday-real moments are always my favourite, simple and genuine moments we'll like to remember later.
    i'm also doing a portrait with my both kids together, at least i'll try to, every week.
    lu x

  6. I love the second one with the comforting hand! x

  7. Such beautiful images! I think it's sometimes so hard to see the beauty in the "everyday moments", but these shots turn out to be the real special ones. I also think it's great that you're doing a portrait of each of your kids separately and one of them together. x

  8. i love candid, its the everyday that is so precious x



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