A mother's eyes gage time much differently than any other I feel. Those initial nights with a babe, sleepless and exhausting, are filled with wonder and awe as one tries to grasp this new reality, and time seems to stand still for a moment. Then, as babe grows, we witness every change, every first, and that is when it happens.. The revelation of times' passing. When I think back on these past 7 years that I have called her mine I can hardly believe it has been that long. There are many moments I would love to revisit, relive just once more. Oh, to hear the sweet giggles and screams of a toddler, the babblings of her first words, even those late night cries when I would spend hours rocking her to sleep.. Instead,  it plays over in my mind, something like a slideshow. All those precious moments tied together filled with such love and joy. My heart is full. I am blessed. She brings joy wherever she goes...

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  1. aww happiest of birthdays to your little one!

  2. SO beautiful; your words and the photos too. Hope she had a great birthday! I need a FaceTime date soon..we miss all of you! xo



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