My boys and a sunset.


 photo sunset-1208.jpg  photo sunset-1152.jpg  photo sunset-1176.jpg  photo sunset-1185.jpg  photo sunset-1195.jpg  photo sunset-1162.jpgSome of the best memories I've ever made are done so in moments of spontaneity. There is something about acting on a whim and doing the unplanned that breeds excitement. This weekend I did just that. I was able to have an evening with just my boys. This is rare. After running some not so thrilling errands we stared in awe at the sunset out of our windshield. I asked the boys if they wanted to get out and watch the sun go down. They hollered an adamant "Yes"! It was decided. I drove a little ways to a gravel patch at the side of a road that I had used for a photoshoot once. Not quite the perfect picturesque country sunset I'd favor, but I didn't want to waste time scooting us out of town. It turned out to be perfect after all, however. The boys enjoyed the rocks, seeing who could throw the farthest while we watched as the sun fell lower and the sky grew more and more grand in color. We stayed until the sky was almost black, with only a small sliver of pink remaining. It was good. So good.

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