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We are now more than halfway through the year. Time and its passing is something I have spoken of before.. Watching my children transform before my eyes has never taught me more about the swiftness of a moment. I have so enjoyed this project of "a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013." These are my favorite 3 portraits of each of my loves.. I am looking forward to seeing what the second half of this year brings!

 photo 16521of3.jpg  photo 20523of3.jpg  photo 23521of3.jpg  photo 6522of3.jpg  photo 7522of3.jpg  photo 20521of3.jpg  photo 7521of3.jpg  photo 15522of3.jpg  photo 24523of3.jpg
Sienna: Watching you grow over this year has been amazing. Not only are you proving to be a dedicated student, you are also maturing to be a generous and loving young girl. I am so proud to be your mom.
Coen: My sweet-spirited boy. You have the tenderest heart. I love watching how you feel things so deeply and how those feelings compel you to love so intensely. I pray you never lose that.
Houston: You started this year being very much still my baby. We walked through long and difficult season, but my love for you was strengthened through it. As the baby fades I am seeing such a funny, loving little boy emerge. Three is quickly approaching!

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