I'm still alive! Things have been busy around here.. Editing. That is where I have been. So I've been here, on my computer. Only, I have mountains of images to sort and edit and deliver. I am feeling incredibly thankful for this busy-ness. I am, however, wishing this work was needing to be done in those long winter months when I am stuck inside anyways. The sun calls me, but work calls me as well. Definitely feeling torn! I feel such gratification though when I get to capture moments like these..

 photo talia1of1.jpg  photo baby11of1.jpg  photo swedloJ1of1.jpg  photo swedlo1of1.jpg

These are from a few of my recent shoots (the first is actually from a play date at the park with friends, but this little girl is just too sweet not to share). I have also been trying to share a bit more on my facebook page, so if you haven't liked it yet you can do that here.. The way facebook kills image quality really gets to me though so I'm thinking it may be time to actually set up and official website/blog/tumblr or something of the sort. All that takes time. Which I don't have. So, I'm off to edit.   Be blessed my friends!!


  1. beautiful shots! i love that first one too. she looks incredibly sweet!



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