Where has normal gone?


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I can barely remember what 'normal' feels like around here. We have been bombarded by one sickness after another for the past month and a half. This week I have been struck by a hit-by-a-truck illness, and yesterday Sienna had her eye scratched pretty badly. She is not impressed at all with having to wear a patch. Poor girl. I am looking foward to getting back into a semi-normal routine hopefully sometime soon. One where I have the energy to clean my house again. One where my kids are happy and healthy and playful. For now, I shall return to the couch and snuggle with Sienna as I pray for the strength to make it until my husband gets home!


  1. oh no! i hope the sick train passes by quickly! wishing you all quick recovery!

  2. ohhhh, well said girl! I think we as moms with multiple kids have had the same issues. Love you.

  3. Well said girl! As a parent with multiple kids I think we have all went threw this but I am happy you are on vacation now! :)



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