Spring Cleaning!


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I wish this photo was taken here, but it was taken while we were on vacation in Palm Springs (hoping to have those pictures up soon!) While all I see is white when I look outside, I am starting to forcing myself to start thinking about spring cleaning. There is something that feels so good about starting fresh. Cleaning out the unwanted and unused that can clutter not only a house but a life as well!

I came across this amazingly detailed project "8 weeks to a less cluttered home." While this will probably follow me well into the summer months, I am determined to get through it all! My husband and I like to think of ourselves as passionate purgers. Even so, it baffles me how quickly stuff seems to accumulate. I am looking forward to simplifying. I love how each daily 'task' is not too big which makes it much less overwhelming. Perhaps not quite enough though since I've had this printed and sitting on my desk for the past month and still have yet to begin!

I have a few other areas of my life that I am itching to clean up as well. My email boxes are overflowing with old messages! This week I went through and unsubscribed from all of those random emails that have made there way to my inbox. I am looking forward to seeing 'Inbox empty' in my near future! The other area I need to clean up on my computer is the giant amount of picture files. This is probably my most overwhelming task at hand. I've nailed down a better system of how I save/sort my files over the past few months, but all of the choas that took place before that needs to be taken care of. There are far too many unused and unwanted pictures just taking up precious space. Ugh...

Any other brilliant lists out there I should see before I commend "Project Declutter"?

While on the topic of organizing.. The impending death of Google Reader come July is unfortunate. You can follow me over on Bloglovin' though!

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  1. i also have to finish spring cleaning. it seems as each week passes, more stuff makes it into the house!
    i too have to organize my pictures on my computer. there are so many!
    happy spring cleaning!

  2. I admit, I tend to clutter (ask my husband). This is something I will have to check out. And, I'm glad you mentionned something about Google reader, I didn't know. Hopefully would have found out one way or another. Probably be checking out Bloglovin' too. :) Have a good one, friend!

    1. Oh, and that photo is so BEAUTIFUL! Love it! Look forward to seeing and reading more on your trip.

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