My 6 year old takes over...


We got our daughter Sienna a camera for Christmas. I thought it would be fun for her to come and share her work with you all! We had fun doing this together so I am thinking she will become a regular contributor to this place!

So, here she goes...

 photo SJan3of5_zps91f3897b.jpg
This is Chelsey's baby named Otto. He is very very cute. I love him.

 photo SJan4of5_zps3a2a8777.jpg
This is my first wish for my next birthday.

 photo SJan5of5_zps82b6ef11.jpg
This is my next wish for my next birthday.

 photo SJan1of5_zps3c5d6b8b.jpg
These are my ponies. I love them because they are my only ponies, and I also have a horse.

 photo SJan2of5_zps3db03a83.jpg
One day I got to make my own ice cream sundae. I put in skittles, m&m's, chocolate sauce, and cookie crumbs. It was yummy and there was lots of candy in it.


  1. Awwww!! My favorite line: "It was yummy and there was lots of candy in it." Sounds like a perfect sundae to me!!
    This is a sweet post! I love the simplicity and innocence of kids! Can't wait until my daughter is old enough to express herself in words. =)

  2. I miss her so much!!!



  3. Awww... this is fun!!! I like it!

  4. Good eye Sienna! I like the photo of your ponies :)



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