Dear Country Dreaming..


DEAR WEEKEND. Could you pack a few more things into the schedule? No, no you can not because there is just no space left to do such a thing. While you may be busy, I'm confident you will be fun!
DEAR VALENTINES DAY. I'm terribly sorry I pay little or no attention to you. I appreciate the fact that my husband treats me so good so I don't feel the need to push the holiday. I will, however, spoil my 3 little valentines with some chocolate, perhaps?!
DEAR PALM SPRINGS. I shall see you in less than 3 weeks!
DEAR SUNRISE. I love watching your pink light pouring out from behind the clouds. So vibrant. Now if only I could get myself out to the country one of these mornings to capture it without a bunch of houses getting in the way. #cityproblems..
DEAR HUSBAND. Thanks for adventuring with me. Thanks for putting up with my country life dreams. I love life with you. No matter where we are..

 photo JampB1of17.jpg  photo JampB1.jpg  photo JampB7of17.jpg  photo JampB2.jpg  photo JampB6of17.jpg  photo JampB3.jpg  photo JampB10of17.jpg  photo JampB14of17.jpg

Have a beautiful weekend, friends!!

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  1. oh what beautiful shots........and palm springs?! oh man. nice.

  2. Im with you on the V Day sentement, my boyfriend brings me a coffee in bed every morning to wake me up and thats much better than just 1 day of love on V Day! But if I were to receive jewellery chocolates or flowers or all of the above on V Day that would be ok with me too :)



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