Oh, Weekend {V.2}



1. Boys be chillin'
2. We attempted to move Houston to his big boy bed. I wasn't really ready for it be he asked so I figured I'd go with it. Turns out he's not ready either..
3. I love these glasses. I have numerous pictures of my kids with them on and they ALL make me laugh.
4. Five guys with fries.. Winner every time. Except I never get to eat any peanuts cause I am too busy opening them for the kids..
5. This kid just hangs out in his bathing suit all the time.. I'm okay with it.
6. My husband taking communion with our 2 oldest (Houston's trying to get in on the action). Love how he teaches them..


  1. your kiddos are so cute. i absolutely love that picture with his glasses on. taking it so seriously! hehe.



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