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The Lord often makes me laugh.. In a good way, of course.
Last week I had to speak at our Ladies' ministry morning (hence my quietness around here), and usually when I am speaking I will have something in mind quite a while before. Not this time, however. By Sunday morning I was praying frantically and begging the Lord to give me a word! He is always so faithful to come through for me, it is funny that I even doubt Him in the first place.
The word came to me early at church Sunday morning, and Monday I sat down to start putting it all together. Little did I know the tests that would come to me in the areas I would be speaking on. Sight, speech, and service..
I spoke on aligning these areas with the Lord to ensure we stay securely on His path for us! Well, as I was writing this message, I struggled to see any good in my messy house and over-tired/needy kids. I struggled to speak positively about much of anything. I felt tired and left with nothing to give.
However, I KNEW this was what the Lord laid on my heart, not only for myself but also for those the Lord had blessed me with the opportunity to speak to. I KNEW I needed to regain some victory in these areas before I brought it before my church family. Can I be honest here? It wasn't easy, but the Lord supplied in every battle I faced throughout the days leading up, and I am continuing to see the areas I need to align even more.
It amazes me that He does not require perfection in order to see use for me. In my weakness He is made strong! As strange as it may sound, I am excited to be stretched even more in these areas. I want to see as He sees. I want to speak life, not death. I want to pour my life out in service so that my Heavenly Father may be glorified!

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  1. I'm excited for you getting to minister regularly to the ladies! I hear good reports all the way down here about your speaking! And don't worry about not having it all together on the topic you're speaking on...that's exactly how it always is! You must live and learn your message in order for others to live and learn it from you! (And it also keeps you humble...a good thing!) Love you!



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