Dear Blog Design..


Dear Readers. I apologize for my constant changing of my blog design. I can never get it quite right. This time I think I've come pretty close. We will see how long it lasts! What do you think, anyway?
Dear Blogger. Thanks to the complete uselessness of your "customize" section, I am now quite well versed in HTML. Seriously, mine won't work AT ALL. If I try to change anything in the 'advanced' section nothing happens. I had to go and change everything myself in the HTML. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
Moving on..
Dear Sun. Thanks for shining. Even though it is painfully cold out I am so grateful that you continue to show yourself!
Dear Greek Yogurt. Shame on you. You come off as a 'healthy' snack so I eat the whole tub in 24 hours cause you are, only to read the back and find out that I might as well have eaten an entire chocolate cake to myself instead. Next time I will get the fat free stuff and add my own honey thank you very much..
Dear Fawcett Tattoos. Thanks to you guys I am now a published photographer! That is so amazing to me, and I am so grateful that you guys let me be a part of this awesome opportunity!

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Dear Readers (again). Praying you all have a wonderful weekend. Maybe spend some extra quiet time with the Lord. You probably won't regret it..

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  1. girl, i LOVE your new blog design!

  2. Love the blog design!! And HURRAH and congrats for being published!! So amazing! xo

  3. Girl. Blog design is fantastic. Enjoy the weekend!

  4. The design looks fabulous! And congrats on your photos being published. How exiting!!

  5. You are awesome at blog design. I really like your minimal look, but its fun at the same time. Congratulations on your publishing, that's very cool!!

  6. I always love your blog designs!
    The flavored greek yogurts can be pretty sneaky..
    Thanks for the encouragement to spend some extra time with God.



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