My husband sent me this quote yesterday. It was perfectly what I had been needing. Casey Wiegand always picks a "word" for the year. I like that idea and have been trying to think of one for days.. After my husband sent this to me it clicked.. "Closer." That is my word for this year. Closer to my Savior. Closer to my family and those the Lord has given to me; and from a different perspective, I want to bring others closer to the Love of Christ. I have never been big on resolutions. I believe we should always be open to changing ourselves at anytime of year. Open to allowing God's molding and shaping to take place so we may resemble Him more and more.. This year though, I want to be closer..

What is your "word" ?


  1. In line with what I've been praying with the children these past couple weeks. It's become a staple to our evening prayer; that God would help us to be more like Jesus. WWJD (What would Jesus do?)

  2. i like your word. it's always the best to be closest to Him in every season. everything is better by his side. my word for this year is light.

  3. ohh, I like closer. Its a great word that can cross over to so many life areas. I'm looking forward to you sharing how this word enhances your life this year. My word is intentional.

  4. that's a good word.

    this year i chose grace.



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