Dear Links..


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Dear Husband.. We did it! We actually took a picture together. Thanks for the wonderful dinner last night at The Manor. <<< Click the link and make a reservation if you live in Edmonton. The food was wonderful (I had the Chicken Supreme), the prices were reasonable, and the atmosphere was perfect.
Dear Sleep.. I am missing you big time. Coen's coughing has kept me up for a few nights now. It seems when I do find you I can only keep you around for a tiny snapshot of time. Have I done something to offend you? I would like to go HERE for just 24 hours...
Dear Christmas... How are you so close? I will be ready for you, but I always feel a little sad once you're over..
Dear Nikon D600... All the talk of dust and oil problems on your sensors freaked me out (perhaps more than it should have). I tested you and BAM.. there it was.. dust on the top left corner just as everyone was reporting. Other than that I was loving you, but I just couldn't justify keeping you if I was going to have to send you in to be cleaned after 1000 shots.
Dear Nikon D800... Thankfully McBain Camera has a great return/exchange policy so I was able to upgrade to you! I wasn't anticipating spending the extra money, but I know it will be worth the investment in the end.. Your file sizes are a little ridiculous though with your 36.3MP sensor which means I'm going to have to dish out even more moola for some giant external hard drives!
Dear Kristin, Troy & Aiden... You guys were my first shoot with my new D800! I am enjoying editing your beautiful family. These really are some of my favorite pictures I've taken thus far!


  1. Those pictures are amazing! Have a happy weekend. Hope your little guy gets feeling better!

  2. love those pictures! so beautiful. hope your baby gets better soon. poor little guy. and i hope you get some sleep in too. have a great weekend!



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