Cluttered Letters..


Dear Blog.. I am terribly sorry you've been so neglected. I couldn't even think of sitting down and writing this week. My mind is too full.. too cluttered.. with thoughts of Christmas, giving, loss, grief, My Savior, my messy house, my kids, my family, and a million other things..
Dear Friday.. I am so glad you are here. It means my daughter comes home on the bus at noon and I get to keep her with me for 2 glorious weeks!
Dear Fear.. I wish I could say that I felt no fear sending Sienna to school Monday morning, but I can't. The thought of my little girl possibly hearing about the tragedy that took place last Friday terrified me. The thought of trying to explain to her innocent little mind.. I wish I could keep her from knowing these types of things happen in our world today. I wish I could guard her from fearing that one day it could possibly happen to her. But, I can't. I can only teach her to trust God with all of her heart. I do not want to teach her to fear evil, but I want her to know without a shadow of a doubt that God's goodness prevails no matter what. He makes beauty from ashes. Beauty even in the ugliest messes.  Lord help me in this! Carl Lentz articulated my thoughts exactly when he said, "it is painful to think of their heartache. I will continue to teach my son to not FEAR this world, but to be mindful of the pain within it. We point to the heavens for our answers, not place blame on symptomatic politics or try to understand sinful, evil choices of humans. Our hope remains in Jesus and our passionate prayers now and always for those mourning their loss.."
Dear Jesus.. I am laying all else aside an planting myself in Your presence, in Your Word, in Your house.. You are the only hope for an anxious mind to find its rest..




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