Wake up. Get Sienna dressed, do her hair, feed her breakfast, pack her lunch. Start the van. Gather all my children at the door. Take 10 minutes to bundle them all up in their winter gear. Snowpants, mits, scarves, hats, boots. Herd them all into the van and drive 1 block. Sit and wait at the bus stop til the bus comes. Send Sienna off to school (hugs & kisses x3). Drive the block back home. Get the boys out of the van. Take off the mits, scarves, hats, and boots. Truth be told I am almost always running behind for some reason or another no matter how early I get up. It s-t-r-e-s-s-e-s me out! I love my city. I love where I live. I really don't like to complain. I have a warm home to live in, a warm vehicle to drive.. I just crave a little simplicity. God, however, has placed me here so I will endure. I will dig for the good.. Perhaps a snowball fight or 2, a snowman family on our front lawn, and warm fires to sit by with hot chocolate in hand as we wait for summer days...

Apples of Gold


  1. I hear you, girl. I'll likely be in your shoes in the future and I'm sure I'll have super duper stressful days but there's always the good stuff to treasure (thank God! or else...) and that's what warm fires and hot chocolate are for, right? Those 2 are the perfect blend and the greatest way to slow down and just enjoy living and loving.
    Thanks for linking up, friend! ((hugs))

    I know I mentioned this before but I LOVE your layout and all the new little features on your blog, like the way the photos are scribble framed.
    LOVE! Great choice!

  2. girl, i totally get you. i am always late. always. no matter how organized i try to be either. a snowball fight sounds like just the thing to let loose and have fun with your kiddos. us mommas never stop. it's a good job though.

  3. I wrote about this very thing in another comment!! I just talked about how when I think through every single thing that needs to be done from the time I wake up until the time I get to fall asleep again, it just exhausts me. I don't even want to move! I feel some days that I'm just going through the motions without the happiness or enthusiasm. I really dislike that! Your pictures are just beautiful!! Stopping by from Let's Be Real, hope you get some rest and relaxation :)



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