War on Fear


*feel free to print this poster if you like!*

We've been struggling with fear in our home. I hear the terms "that's scary" or "I'm afraid" multiple times a day, especially at night. It really bothers me. I was tormented by nightmares when I was young. I remember sitting up for hours at night with my dad, wishing I could sleep but too terrified to close my eyes. I struggled with fear all the way up until I came to know the Lord at 18. I know He is the reliever of our fears.. That is why I made this poster to hang in the kids' rooms. A scripture for every night of the week. His word is our sword and I am battling this fear with the Lord on my side!

Apples of Gold


  1. This poster is awesome! Would you mind it I printed it and shared it with my little boy?

    How blessed your kids are to have you show them the path to rest and to show them they don't have to fear.

    1. You can for sure print it Shannon!

    2. Awesome! I'm going to do that.
      Yesterday I was going through some focus on the family podcasts and I cam across this one called helping kids conquer fear.
      You're already doing an amazing job but I wanted to pass along just in case you might want to listen to it. I listened to almost all of it and found some parts insightful :)

  2. What a fantastic idea to have this printed and put in your kids' rooms as a reminder to not be afraid. Fear is such a powerful thing, but God is so much stronger than that, and what a better way to combat fear than to turn to the Word for the promises that He has made.

    Thanks for this great post.

  3. This is so neat. I loved the story that you told. It's amazing how much we can be changed and comforted by the Lord. Love your poster!

  4. Awesome Idea! I think I might print it too for Talia. Hope thats ok. Your such a great mom!


  5. This poster is awesome!! I may just have to print it myself! Your kids are blessed to have you as their mommy! What a beautiful testimony of God saving you from years of fear... I can't imagine how miserable it must've been to lose all that sleep while growing up! =( Hugs to you, sweet friend! Thank you for linking up!



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